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  • FRv 125-280
    Radial Fan with Direct Drive for Aggressive and Explosive Gases
  • RV 110/110+
    Our Continuous Run Fan for Risk and Safety Cabinets
  • Small Radial Fan / FRv
    For Conveying Aggressive or Explosive Gases, Vapors and Mists
  • Radial Roof Fan
    Made of Thermoplastic Material and for Conveying Aggressive Gases and Exhaust Air
  • Roof Fan / FDv
    For conveying aggressive or explosive gases, vapors and mists

Sound attenuator reducer Duct sound attenuator

Funken sound attenuator reducers and duct sound attenuators can be manufactured of PVC, PPs, PP and PE.

Technical description:

Mineral-based insulating material. The insulating material is covered with perforated sheets. The inside is laminated with abrasion-resistant glass fabric or covered with PE film. With condensate outlets and sockets on both sides.

The maximum air speed is 10 m/s.

Funken Kunststoffanlagen GmbH produces economically and supplies very quickly sound attenuator reducers and duct sound attenuators made of PVC, PPs, PP and PE. Quality sound attenuators directly from the manufacturer.

Duct sound attenuator
Sound attenuator reducer