Radial fans

  • Housing made of PPs, injection moulded
  • Condensate protection as circumferential drip edge and labyrinth seal
  • EX design additionally with grease barrier (refillable from the outside) and lip seal
  • Splinter protection around the housing spiral
  • Condensate outlet at lowest point of housing
  • High-performance PPs impeller, injection moulded
  • Galvanized steel frame
  • Direct driven via IEC standard motor
  • Connection diameter from 125 to 250 mm
  • Air volumes from 50 to 3,500 m³/h
  • Total differential pressures from 1,760 to 30 Pa
  • also available in white


Radial Fan for conveyance of aggressive, optionally explosive air, vapours and mist with a content of dust less than 5 mg/m³ and a temperature of -5 to +40°C. Maximal allowable environmental temperature of +40°C.

Housing made from PPs injection moulded with integrated maintenance-free seal-system, consisting of a labyrinth seal with externally refillable grease-barrier, for ex-version additionally with lip-seal.

Splinter protection around the housing coil.
Condensate runoff support at the lowest point of the housing. Secure sealing between the single components to ensure leakage-free

High-performance impeller with backward bend blades made from PPs injection moulded with rear blade rows for a guaranteed negative pressure on the axle lead-through in service.

Base frame made of galvanised steel with front housing support for increased stability and precise justification of the inlet nozzle and impeller.

Direct drive by an IEC-34 three-phase motor with heat resistant connection parts on the housing and impeller to avoid deformation due to a technical breakdown.