The mist eliminator

Main features

  • High separation efficiency at low pressure loss
  • Extremely inexpensive thanks to compact construction and standardisation
  • Corrosion resistant and durable
  • Simple cleaning thanks to removable blade packets at the sides
  • Housing made of PPs (flame-retardant according to DIN 4102 building material class B1), optionally electroconductive
  • Resistant to most aqueous acids and bases
  • 22 frame sizes for exhaust air flow rates of 300 to 100,000 m³/h Up to 80 °C and +/- 2,000 Pa
  • Optionally with flange mounted reducers to your choice of pipe diameter
  • Optionally with spray nozzle integrated in connection reducer

Further information

on removing liquid particles from exhaust air

Typ TAHpro