Further information

Water and dust proof

For the 0.37 to 22kW range

For outdoor applications

Made from robust polycarbonate plastics that are especially resistant to UV radiation, grease, oils and acids The material does not become brittle even at -20 °C

FUNKEN presents the new EDS3 IP66 Outdoor frequency inverter series.

The EDS3 IP66 frequency inverter series by escodrives stands out with versatility in outdoor applications, simple operation and lots of accessories. In the 0.37 to 22 kW range, we are offering an encapsulated, dust-sealed product that can be mounted directly to the wall or your machine – perfect for optimising your applications.

Further information

  • Integrated C1 EMV filter
  • Integrated PI control
  • Integrated brake chopper from 2.2kW
  • Dual analogue inputs
  • Bluetooth connectivity with optional escodrives stick
  • Models for controlling single-phase motors up to 10.5A (capacitor motor) also available
  • Only four different frame sizes for the entire power range
  • Water and dust-proof design
  • Protective coating of circuit boards as standard
  • Application macros for industrial, ventilator and pump operation
  • ModbusRTU® and CANopen® included as standard
  • Real time display of all relevant operating data
  • Sensorless vectorial current control (induction, permanent magnet, synchronous reluctance, brushless DC, line start permanent magnet motors)
  • Models for 3 x 220V grids available
  • Wide range of accessories available