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  • FRv 125-280
    Radial Fan with Direct Drive for Aggressive and Explosive Gases
  • RV 110/110+
    Our Continuous Run Fan for Risk and Safety Cabinets
  • Small Radial Fan / FRv
    For Conveying Aggressive or Explosive Gases, Vapors and Mists
  • Radial Roof Fan
    Made of Thermoplastic Material and for Conveying Aggressive Gases and Exhaust Air
  • Roof Fan / FDv
    For conveying aggressive or explosive gases, vapors and mists

Radial fans / Small radial fans in injected design. Funken, the radial fan manufacturer, supplies fans manufactured of PPs according to your requests.

Small radial fan


  • Connection diameter from 75 to 110 ml
  • Air volumes from 22 to 735 m3/h
  • Total differential pressures from 530 to 40 Pa

Small radial fan type FRv for transporting corrosive and explosive gases, vapours and mists with a dust content of < 5 mg/m³ and a maximum temperature of 40°C.

Radial fans with a PPs housing in injected design with integrated maintenance-free sealing system consisting of a labyrinth seal. For Ex design, additionally with grease barrier and lip seal VDMA 24 169 and RL94/9/EC (ATEX) compliant.

Drum runner of PPs, in injected design with back vanes for guaranteed negative pressure at the shaft lead-through in operation.

ATEX-compliant direct drive via IC-34 standard motor with temperature-resistant attachment parts at housing and impeller to avoid deformations of the mounting position also in case of failure.

The small radial fans are available in two designs:

Radial fan - Design C:


    • with plastic console and vibration dampers


    • Housing in 8 x 45° adjustable


Radial fan - Design F:


    • with plastic flange


    • with seal and vibration dampers


    • housing can be rotated by 360°