• FRv 125-280
    Radial Fan with Direct Drive for Aggressive and Explosive Gases
  • RV 110/110+
    Our Continuous Run Fan for Risk and Safety Cabinets
  • Small Radial Fan / FRv
    For Conveying Aggressive or Explosive Gases, Vapors and Mists
  • Radial Roof Fan
    Made of Thermoplastic Material and for Conveying Aggressive Gases and Exhaust Air
  • Roof Fan / FDv
    For conveying aggressive or explosive gases, vapors and mists


In addition to components for plastic manufacturing, our delivery programme as fan manufacturer also includes fans made of thermoplastics.

Our radial and roof fans as well as our axial fans are excellently suited for transporting corrosive exhaust and gases. An explosive atmosphere can be transported by a fan specifically engineered just for this individual case.

Radial fans are manufactured of fire resistant polypropylene (PPs) or polyethylene (PEs / RAL 7036) as standard.

PVC, PP and PE can be used in addition to the specified materials for larger nominal widths or special types.

In addition to thermoplastics, diverse special materials (FRP, CFC, steel and stainless steel) are used as impeller materials in dependence on the pressure stages as well as additional processing-related parameters.

The radial fans can be supplied as directly powered (D) and belt driven (R) fans.

The design of the fans and the determination of materials to be used occurs with consideration of the following dependencies: gas composition, media temperature and density as well as the impeller speed

As a special service, we offer our well-proven enquiry or quotation process:

In your enquiry, describe the requirements:

  • Fan type
  • Volume flow m³/h
  • Pressure differential Pa
  • Transport medium
  • Media temperature
  • Media density, etc.

To simplify the enquiry procedure, please use our enquiry form.

You will receive an individual quotation with dimension sheet, characteristic curve and technical description of the enquired fan.

Do you have further questions? Then send us a mail or simply call us: +49 2242 92090.