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Exhaust purification - Supply air systems and exhaust systems containers and apparatuses by Funken. Our custom-made products and special solutions, such as our high quality and resilient flue gas scrubbers, cross-flow scrubbers, spray scrubbers, cyclone separators, special scrubbers, washing towers and scrubbing towers, are produced according to your drawings.

  • FRv 125-280
    Radial Fan with Direct Drive for Aggressive and Explosive Gases
  • RV 110/110+
    Our Continuous Run Fan for Risk and Safety Cabinets
  • Small Radial Fan / FRv
    For Conveying Aggressive or Explosive Gases, Vapors and Mists
  • Radial Roof Fan
    Made of Thermoplastic Material and for Conveying Aggressive Gases and Exhaust Air
  • Roof Fan / FDv
    For conveying aggressive or explosive gases, vapors and mists

Exhaust air purification - Scrubbing towers - Special solutions

  • Mist eliminator for flue gas cleaning of a waste incineration plant
  • Cyclone separator for droplet separation from a flue gas current
  • Special scrubber with spray scrubber for semi-conductor production
  • Cross-flow scrubber with packing material in horizontal construction
  • Washing towers with heat exchangers
  • Two-stage washing towers for 60,000 m³/h
  • Fully automatic standard scrubber with packed tower
  • Washing tower with alkaline solution dosing for printed board production
  • Flue gas scrubbers for incineration of hospital waste
  • Spray scrubbers for 30,000 m³/h waste gases containing hydrochloric acid from pre-treatment of a galvanizing plant
  • Pipeline systems of PVDF-WNF
  • Lining of tank lorries and chemical drums with fluoropolymers
  • Plastic booths for powder coating
  • Customer-specific custom designs

Supply air systems and exhaust air systems containers and apparatuses

  • Pipeline components such as pipes, fittings, suction and blow elements, deflectors and outlet cowls
  • Standard components such as damper valves, louvres, flaps and back flow dampers
  • Different types of fans: High performance, radial, roof, radial and axial fans
  • Downstream purification plants of gaseous and drop-shaped pollutants (wet scrubbers, mist eliminators)
  • Exhaust air station in the food industry
  • Exhaust air transport with sound attenuator of a purification plant in the electronics industry
  • Exhaust air centres with roof radial fans of a chemistry laboratory
  • Ventilating plants of an exhaust air purification for chemical fibre production
  • Exhaust air systems in the production of microelectronics
  • Extraction duct for electroplating plant
  • Containers for water pollutants
  • For the storage of corroding agents such as acids, alkaline solutions and waste water
  • Complete, operational depot with dosing and supply systems
  • Filling and decanting installations
  • Measuring and control technology
  • Special containers

order excellent air supply systems and exhaust air systems for exhaust air purification. specific special scrubbers, washing towers and scrubbing towers, as well as flue gas scrubbers, cross-flow scrubbers, spray scrubbers and sturdy cyclone separators.