Thermoplastic exhaust systems

FUNKEN is a mid-sized family business which has specialized in manufacturing energy-efficient fans from thermoplastics more than 20 years. Our thermoplastic fans are ideally suited to removing chemically contaminated and corrosive exhaust fumes.

Our products are used primarily in laboratory construction, where they serve to ventilate fume cupboards and chemicals cabinets. In the chemicals industry, our fans are employed to vent chemical baths or process exhaust. Nearly all components are manufactured at our plant from flame-retardant polypropylene using an injection moulding process. Thanks to our in-house manufacturing by trained specialist staff, we can guarantee consistently high quality “Made in Germany”. We offer comprehensive support: from competent consulting and configuration of your fan all the way to designing a complete exhaust system. To aid with your planning and further top-quality processing, we provide all of our products in the form of 3D drawings. They can be downloaded free of charge. We are not merely a manufacturer and supplier of components, but also work with you as your partner and consultant.

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Protecting employees and the environment

There is no substitute for quality – except even better quality. True to this maxim, we ensure compliance with environmental requirements when it comes to extracting corrosive or explosive exhaust fumes.

Protecting your employees is your top priority, and our first concern. We manufacture products that protect people and the environment by transporting corrosive or explosive gases.

Quality from precision

All of our products are delivered in the familiar Funken quality. We work with state-of-the-art processing centres so all milled parts are produced to the utmost precision. This quality, combined with quick reaction times for our customers, is our highest priority.

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